Tuesday, May 20, 2014

7 Easy Steps for a DIY Photo Transfer!

Step 1: Needed Supplies here’s the list of supplies I used. 
Laser printed photo
Wood cut to the same size as photo
Gel Medium (must be an acrylic gel medium) 
Brush to apply gel medium to wood
Ruler or a flat instrument to smooth out print onto wood

Step 2: Finding A Print 
I find this to be the fun part almost any picture will make a great print! 

Step 3: Getting A Print Made And Getting Some Wood
If you work in an office most of the printers there are laser so you are set, if you don't have an office hook up prints are very cheap at Staples running from 1-5 dollars. You can usually just go to the hardware store or a craft store and they will provide several options for you! Make sure your wood is unfinished!!

Fun transfer on fabric!! COOLIO!

Step 4:  Apply Gel Medium To Wood
In even strokes with your paint brush apply an even white coating of the medium to your wood. 

Step 5: Smooth down the bubbles 
right away before it dries, you do not want bubbles, having bubbles will mean the picture does not adhere to your wood surface!

Step 6: Remove Paper From The Wood To Reveal Print
This is the really fun part! Don't get too discouraged this takes a bit of patients but the more patient you are the better quality print you will get as an end result. 

Step 7:  Finishing the Print
Apply a nice layer of the acrylic medium to finish your piece off and protect it! If you want to tint your picture if it is black and white you can add a small dab of colour to your medium to  finish for example brown or yellow if you want a vintage touch to your black and white.

Here is a quick link to a great Youtube video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NjYbAAQ4vw

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

killing Daisies

I admit that the theme of my residency has not exactly "panned" out the way I planned it to. As you all know (if you took a gander at my previous blog) my intent was to work on  my series The Aesthetics of Murder a Series - Based the Short Stories and Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. As it turns out all I can paint are fecking flowers (to be fair I decided to brush up on my art technique with some still life's, I just didn't know I would enjoy it so much) Yes a bouquet of flowers done in 20 different ways! 
I guess I have to go with it, sheesh!!

I have made some headway on the series and had a wonderful studio visit from Monique Mouton my mentor at the thematic residency.  Our group of 9 is getting along nicely and we have a critique night as well as a pot luck on Thursday evening. We had a wicked thanksgiving pancake breakfast yum!! 

M.Valdemar - Based on the Short Story: The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
Yesterday I went for coffee at The Rectory on Toronto Island with my brothers friends Tyler and his partner Martha. Martha is from the Island and they invited me over to her family's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Martha, Iris, Tyler and I went and collected things for a centre piece in the meadow! Everyone was very kind and I am very thankful, what a beautiful family! I was talking about pumpkin pie for 5 days previous and I finally had my fill.
The mouse hole on my door...

Update on my stay: A mouse crawled on my head. A mouse came at Maja, she stepped on it with her boot. Ben made a mouse trap with a bucket and some peanut butter. I argued that the Mouse trap was inhuman. I stuffed my mouse hole with a squirrel tail that I found on my run. I hoped that mice were territorial. 

Love always,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays!! :)

Hello All and Happy Holidays!!

It has been a while since we've talked, I thought I would give a little "Holiday Art Update".  

Sara Abu Dhabi

This December 15th I will be exhibiting my series "Portrait of a Woman" at the Hague Gallery in Regina. The Series I created in France  in CAMAC's Art Centre is a combination of mixed media female portraits and figurative work. I based the portrait series on a sequence of interviews that I had between Canadian women as well as women that I met in France. I investigated in France why women live where they live, how they got to be there and their family info structures. I studied their female relationships with friends, family and how they communicate with one another. I then went on to form a portrait from each individual interview. The interviews paired with each portrait as extremely captivating, I combined the audio interview media with the visual art in the finished piece for exhibition.

Self Canada

I have work on some grant proposals with the Saskatchewan Arts Board for this new series that I will hopefully get funding for so I create it this spring :). My subject matter for a new series is literary works.  The project that I have in mind, and will be working on through the coming spring and summer, is based on the poetry and short stories of Edgar Allen Poe as a means of paying homage to his creativity in writing.  The series is based on the evocative world that Poe creates, and in turn creating my own visual interpretation of his work.  I plan to expand my own psychological limits through this new project in the hopes that the viewer might experience the same extension of psyche, as I myself will attempt in achieving. The series will be entitled The Aesthetics of Murder – Based on the writings of Edgar Allen Poe.     

Kristal Canada

 I wish everyone holiday cheer!! And have a wonderful time with your families!

Wish me luck on my upcoming show!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pentales Project at CAMAC in France

"PenTales was created in New York City by two childhood friends who've always loved to swap tales. We're now a community of thousands around the world who share our perspectives in person and online in photography, writing, and video on topics that unite us all. We have live events in 26 cities around the world and a growing online user base. As our global network expands, we are building a true encyclopedia of stories - a catalogue of the human experience, one perspective at a time. Starting with YOURS. Why share stories? Because we believe there’s no better way for people to get to know one another. Stories awaken our imaginations and inspire an awareness of shared values that reaches beyond languages and borders. "

Pentales is a publication produced in New York that encourages gatherings of artists around the world to come together and investigate a topic area given to them.  Our group of artists that participated in the Pentales "Dream" topic were all living at CAMAC in Marnay Sur Seine France in September 2011.  The creative minds participating were as follows: Vishwa Shroff, Nick Atkins, Ronnie Rae, Aliona Solomadima, Diego Gomez Pickering, Viviana Goelkle, Sara Al-aquili, and myself Brandi Hofer www.pentales.com 

Mixed Media on Wall 6x4ft

Brandi Hofer Submission for Pen Tales 2011
Subject: Dream
Temporary Painting

My submissions subject matter is based on “the temporary” and its relation to the temporariness of a dream. My thought process revolves around the subconscious, it is a temporary moment passing, it is a movement, an action, it is a reaction, and a voluntary or involuntary occurrence. My reaction to the dream subject was to take my artistic processes and relate it to the passing moment of a dream and how dreams lye in the subconscious mind. To create my painting and ensure its duration was transitory, I decided to paint it on the wall of the room in which I currently reside. I am an artist in residence in CAMAC in Marnay Sur Seine France and am in the full understanding that in my departure this painting will be made the same white as the rest of the walls. I created a temporary work of art that requires a reaction to the Dream Project proposed. I related a moment in time as an immediacy of the past with a brush stroke of color, drip, or painting act. I attempted to paint with an unrestricted mind in the hope his might create a subconscious conclusion to the project.


I have some new projects and shows on the go so I will keep everyone updated!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Prairie Life


Well I have arrived back home to Lloydminster Saskatchewan/Alberta (I like to think of myself a resident of both...I grew up in Alberta but now live in Saskatchewan from where I was born, unfortunately we are made to choose sides as I  cannot reside in both, I SHALL build a house on HWY 17!!) ANYWAY... I felt absolutely nostalgic coming home to the slow moving prairies, which I longed to see after the noise of many European cities. As I drove home I observed the beauty of cows grazing, geese flying south, the sun gleamed wild grasses, and the never ending sun setting in the sky.  

Wild Rose in Saskatchwan

Dads Sunflowers


Lock Up Your Love in Paris!

Light Up Your Love in Paris

Good Bye Streets of Paris!!

I had a wonderful time living the slow life of Marnay Sur Seine France, to hopping trains in Italy, and hob nobbing with the Parisians! Now I am happy to be home!! 

I am now busy getting my new series a home in some galleries!! I have been chosen as the Inaugural Artist of the Month by The NAC in Regina for November.  I am setting up a new larger studio and am excited to start creating once again!! I wish everyone well and urge them to create in anyway they know how, it is key, to a happy life!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

An International Art Diary

Bonjour Everyone!!

I have landed back in Paris after quite the Marnay Sur Seine Residency and adventures through Italy with my Father and Lori. I will now take you through my travels...

Carousal in Paris
 The photo here was my first day in Paris waiting for my Dad the next day, the weather has been awesome! I Have been able to run and walk everyday seeing the sights and overeating pastry. I have had the opportunity to see art works that I have only studied in school. I am traveling in the land of inspiration, living here is one big indulgence for artists.  I have been offered to come back to Marnay and don't think I can pass up the opportunity. 



The Doumo in Milan. Oh goodness Dad, Lori and I had a wonderful time here, actually we had a wonderful time everywhere, come to think of it. In Milan we had one of our best meals, I had a classic Spaghetti Pomodoro, Dad had the Seafood Spaghetti, and Lori had Zucchini with Calamari, simple, but done perfectly.  Then we walked back the Doumo to experience it at night. For any of you who have been to Italy you will know what I am talking about when I say they sell these little lights that they shoot up in the air (I was calling them fire works). Anyway these little light shooter things were sold throughout the square we were in Lori purchased some for her grandchildren and then we sat on the steps of the Doumo with some lightly chilled beer. Being asked countless times to be sold "Fireworks" and not trying to be rude and trying to be left alone my father made the best of the situation. He finally said to 2 gentleman that whoever shot there light into the air and landed in his hand they would get 5 euros. Well long story short we had every "Firework" sales man in the square surrounding us, it made for a fun night!! Thanks Dad :)

Then Verona, Oh Verona! I loved Verona for anyone who digs traveling be sure to hit this little gem when coming to Italy. Verona is reasonable for eating, accommodation and a fun place to bar hop in the night, the streets are alive!! We overindulged in Verona, hung food and drink babies!  Also I learned patience in venice, we were taking a night stroll to Juliettes Balcony that the hotel front desk told me it would take 15 min. Dream on my dad captured a window shot of every display on the way there. I believe I mentioned in an earlier blog that I took his camera away and he pulled a new one out of his cargo pants. So I wanted to name a blog specifically after "what comes out of my dads cargo pants" however I wanted to title it in a way that it would not sound creepy... Here were some of Carly (my partner) suggestions:

Carly Classem:The mysterious love for cargo pants, and the objects they behold.

Carly Classen: "rob and the cargo pants" band

Carly Classen: Rob and his cargo pants/the deep abyss

Carly Classen: Rob and his deep abyss

Carly Classen: Rob*

Carly Classen: Magic cargo pants.

Carly Classen: You know, like one day he'll pull a piano out of those things and it wouldn't surprise anyone.

This made me laugh so hard!!!


Classic Venice Shot

Show in Venice

Moving on to two nights in Venice. We unfortunately hit a water taxi strike, my arms are all the stronger! If in Venice I would not advise walking but taking the water transport (if available lol). Lovely place to be in Italy, the smells of the water and fish all around and the reflection of all the historic buildings on the water is breath taking!


Self Portrait

Ending in the rolling hills of Tuscany at "The Old Stone House".  A needed break from all of the fast paised city life of the Metro, people, and trains we moved to the country side.  We stayed at an exquisite BnB, beautiful decor and a little private pool surrounded by olive trees to view the sunset. The other guests at the house were a treat as well, two american girls who knew how important travel was for life experience and some fellow Canadian couples traveling as friends. So I decided that I should cook dinner while everyone went to Florence and Pisa. I needed a rest from the stresses of navigation and travel I took the day by the pool and started preparing dinner at about 4 to dine at 830. We had a charming night with some wonderful people. 

Dinner In Tuscany

Edible Art By Brandi Hofer

Me Attempting to Go Singing in the Rain in Paris Easier Said Than Done



Travel Buddy

Dad and Lori flew home yesterday and today I awate the arrival of my Mom and Philp. I have one week left in this exquisite life journey. I have learned that  Europe is beautiful and full of old and new life, I would however like to remind everyone how great it is to be Canadian. I have lived across Canada and have traveled through parts of the world (not yet enough) but enough to grasp how fortunate we are as a people and country. We have a vast amazing landscape and I have to say one of the most kind peoples. I will be back to Europe, but I will always be grounded in Canada I am a Canadian through and through.

Bye for now!!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Romeo Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo!!

My Favourite Picture from my Trip in Venice

How Fortunate to begin my journey through Europe with a series of sun kissed days. My father his friend Lori and I caught the night train from Paris on Friday night. We had the pleasure of sharing the sleeping car with our new acquaintance Yoanne from Paris (his ambition was to be a doctor in North America). 

We then landed in Milan at 5:30 in the morning and then chilled at a cafe for breakfast until the sun came up, dropped the bags at our Hotel Staizone (I would recommend this hotel is had a modern decor and a reasonable stay).  We had a wonderful time catching the metro through the city to see all of the sites. The nightlife in Milan was vibrant, we dined, drank, and walked the streets. 

In the morning we caught the train to Verona the Vallipolicella region. Being a Sunday the city was quiet and still when we arrived.  In my mind I was expecting a relaxing sunday evening if we were lucky enough to find a place open. To our and my great suprise as we headed out for dinner and around the corner low and behold, lit up bridges, castle ways, cafes, tapas bars, people, and shopping. Lori and I picked out some authentic italian leather pieces while dad stopped for beer (I make this sound short but really it was a good hour and a half (I guess dad had many beer).  We then hit the alive streets of Verona to get to the ever famous Balcony of Juliette (If you touch her breast it is said to be good luck).

Verona the Hidden Jem of Italy in my Opinion

Juliette's Balcony


Juliette Boob Grab

 In Verona one of the main reasons I came was to see Juliet's Balcony and on this night I was on a mission, which the lady at the hotel described as a 15 min walk (yes with any other person but my dad, I will explain).  So here I am walking.... you know peering into the shop windows with a passive interest, well, no it was a big waiting game, a test of the patients one could say, (a real understatement) I tell you! So, a supposed 15 walk has now proceeded to turn into about and hour and ten minutes, Dad insisted on taking a photo of every shop window, every shop window, yes. Finally,  even Lori had had enough, so I say ,"Dad please can I see your camera", I throw it in my purse and Lori and I start walking forward down the street like we had conquered a great hurdle. I turn around to see if my Dad was following. To my utter amazement and not really surprise  he had pulled ANOTHER spare camera out of his cargo pants (only my immediate family can fully understand and appreciate this story of travelling with my father, although I hope everyone can find some comical relief).

After we had taken a photo of every crack in the street  we finally sat to eat (not that we needed more food or drink, there has been no lack). The first place we had drinks and a homemade Mushroom Ravioli in truffle butter with flat leave parsley mmm mmm. We then made it to our reservation, I had a Amaron Risotto (the wine of the region) and Pumpkin flowers Au Gratin with Cherry Tomatoes, Lori had a mushroom Gnocchi, Dad had Stewed Donkey on Polenta, this Meal was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!  I had the biggest food baby anyone has ever seen. 

Now settled in Venice we arrived to a water bus and taxi strike (for anyone who knows Venice knows that the best and most efficient way to get around is on water) so, to our painful delight we did eventually work off our dinner from the night before.

Anyhoo I miss everyone! Chao Chao!